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Thank you for visiting this website.  My name is Minhee J. Cho and I am a child, marriage and family therapist. I hope that you’ll gain some ideas about my philosophy of counseling for children, teens, adults, couples, and family. While we live this life, we easily find out that “life can be difficult”.

This realization can challenge you when you do not know how to understand, process and handle. When children, teens, adults, couples and family enter into new experience, change or life transitions, we all find out that we need “help” and “support”. I believe that life challenges gives us an opportunity to explore and learn about self, immediate relationships, family, and our community.  Counseling can provide an environment  for you to process these challenges in comfort, security, and safety.

Counseling may seem foreign to you. I believe that every one of us have the capacity to adjust, learn and process our life issues. Even young children question, express, and find solutions with their life challenges and changes. Counseling can be a place for growth, healing, and change. Your current behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are naturally related to your history (past) and it will bring you to the hope (future), and thus counseling can help you understand where you are, who you are, and how to bring change and adjustment in your life.


Minhee J. Cho, M. Ed., MS, LMFTA