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couples counseling


Challenges are inherent in every committed relationship.

Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, you are joining your unique personality, communication style, life experience, hopes and dreams with one another. Merging these differences into a cohesive relationship that is healthy and growing is something that any couple finds challenging.

I will help you move toward a new, restored and satisfying relationship. My work with couples looks closely at the following areas:

•    Each person’s experience in their family upbringing and how these experiences influence day-to-day life between you and your partner.
•    Teaching couples how to communicate in such a way that their deepest needs are understood and shared.
•    Working to heal relationships strained by raising children, a loss of intimacy, and a loss of trust.
•    Creating connection and acceptance between couples in such a way that rebuilding secure attachment.
•    Helping you and your partner establish a healthy work-family balance.
•    Using belief as the basis for growing a healthy relationship.