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adult counseling


“Life is not what it’s supposed to be.
It’s what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.”
~Virginia Satir

With adults, I am here to help and encourage you to engage into self-understanding and process. I will do my best to listen to you, reflect what you share, and I will assist you when you need help to clarify your issue. I believe that you have enough resources to approach your issue. I also can explain how your context and systems (e.g. school, community, immediate and extended family, work, society) may influence you and your issue with Family Systems approach.

Additionally, I am interested in helping women in all different stages of their lives. I work with women who struggle with anxiety, depression, career, spirituality, self-esteem, acculturation issue and relationship challenges with family of origin and intimate relationship. In addition to this, I work with mothers who are going through life challenges and transitions.