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“When to Seek Help for Children or Teens?”

Emotional Changes
Persistently sad and/or hopeless
Cries suddenly and often
Regular extremely angry outbursts  (overreaction)
Fears that seem exaggerated
States he/she feels “controlled” by bad thoughts
Excessive worry or anxiety Bizarre behavior (temper tantrums; rambling speech; paranoid)

Behavioral Changes
School performance declines dramatically
No longer interested in activities child once enjoyed
Isolates him or herself; avoids friends and family
Changes peer group and avoids introducing new friends to family
Threatening suicide
Significant change in how they express themselves (more agitated than usual; more depressed than usual; confused speech; unreasonable)
Destructive toward self, others, or property
Dramatic changes in appearance (clothing, body piercing, tattoos) accompanied by changes in behavior
Change in level of hygiene (no longer cares about appearance)